Thursday, August 25, 2005


Advertising dollars spent toward direct mail often ends up in landfills.
Advertising on the radio with a high frequency annoyance campaign will contribute to air pollution.
Advertising on outdoor billboards clutters the countryside.
But sponsorship creates opportunities:
The festival of lights.
The Indy.
Wimbeldon. Hockey. Science World.

And now...

Toronto-based TV production company Chokolat is looking for a Canadian broadcaster to pick up four-part half-hour series Full Ride. The series was sponsored by Nike and produced for ESPN. Full Ride follows six American high school football seniors through the recruitment process, from a camp attended by more than 200 college coaches and scouts to the final decision as to who will get a "full ride" scholarship.

"This is real human drama," explains Jeff Spriet, president of Chokolat and executive producer of the series. "We followed these kids from their hometowns and met their families, parents, high school coaches." Spriet explains that in the U.S., Full Ride debuted this month, and is slated to re-air 10 more times


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