Monday, October 03, 2005

Public Service Announcement

On Sept 22, 2005 there was a fire at the Richmond Hotel. 2 Women died, and 14 were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. 2 of those people were deaf. They were asleep and could not hear the alarms. People often forget that the deaf require specialized emergency equipment, such as flashing lights. At the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing it is possible to get such equipment. In your house, office or building, it is something you should take into consideration. WIDHH is non-profit, so they understand.

We had the director of WIDHH (who is deaf) sign this public service announcement for us on Friday. The shoot went very well – we were able to film all three ads in just over 3 hours. No major setbacks except for the squeaky floor upstairs. We had to constantly run upstairs to tell people who are deaf and hard of hearing to try to be more quiet. But Across Borders Media were great to work with, our unpaid talent did a great job, and the filming went off without a hitch. If all goes well you should be able to see these ads on the Shaw Listings by October 10th. Also, if possible, I am hoping to get this PSA above on CBC.


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