Monday, December 05, 2005

eBay As a Publicity Tool

It all began with the guy who offered his forehead to be temporarily tattooed as a human billboard.

A Stop Snoring company bought the space for $37000 and that set it all off.

Now thousands of people have volunteered everything from their arms, to their cleavage to their pregnant bellies to be temporarily tattooed as a part of ad space.

So much so that a company in Vancouver has capitalized on the trend, and is putting willing models in touch with edgy advertisers, but the price has dropped to less than a thousand bucks now, as the idea has lost its novelty.

So advertisers have switched to permanent tattoos.

eBay has become a real marketing force, as these stunts grab a lot of publicity: Talk shows, news appearances, word of mouth buzz.

Golden Palace has gained enormous notoriety by purchasing unusual items at online auctions such as the grilled cheese sandwich that appeared to have the image of the Virgin Mary in it, Pope Benedicte XIV’s used VW Golf and Brittney Spears’ home pregnancy test, as well as the Beckham Ball and the Jesus Pierogi.

The have also bought their name on a herd of one hundred cattle, the world’s largest frosted flake, the arms of arm-wresters, the backs of boxers and the cleavage of goth models.

Recently they purchased the names of three triplets to be born in August. The first name that is confirmed is ‘Golden’.

I only just yesterday heard about the one red paperclip blog going on right now. It’s great. It’s about Kyle MacDonald’s quest to trade one red paperclip for increasingly better things until he gets himself a house.


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