Monday, January 23, 2006

Online Public Relations

With my online column syndicated through the American Chronicle, we now have the capacity to bring current and relavent sustainability issues to the forefront of the online news media. Holey Soles has an article on there now about how they have helped out in the Katrina relief effort by donating $200,000 worth of shoes. I'll post this next.

Below is a breakdown below of what you get.

By running a PR piece in the column you will appear on 21 sites, giving you local, national, and international exposure. These sites include World Sentinel, American Chronicle, California Chronicle, LA Chronicle, Catalina Chronicle, Florida Chronicle, Fresno Chronicle, Illinois Chronicle, Irvine Chronicle,  Los Angeles Chronicle, Long Beach Chronicle, Maryland Chronicle, Palm Springs Chronicle, Pennsylvania Chronicle, Riverside Chronicle, Sacramento Chronicle, San Diego Chronicle, San Jose Chronicle, Santa Barbara Chronicle, Santa Monica Chronicle, and World News.

It can include a photograph or logo.

Links to your favorite websites or refer readers to specified websites for further information.

The issue will be internationally sydnicated and appear in all major Internet search engines as well as in major news aggregators, such as Google News, Topix, Lycos, Web Crawler, Dogpile, Excite, and many other news aggregators.

Keywords and categories to your articles to facilitate searching on these sites.


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