Monday, February 27, 2006

The Results Are In - What Companies are Living Up to Their CSR Mandate?

These results were tallied by the latest Globe and Mail Report on Business feature. I'll try to keep it succinct.

Retail Sector

MEC got top marks for generating close to zero waste in their operations while IKEA shined for providing child care for customers and work-life balance incentives for working mothers.

The Foranzi Group and Rona scored the worst, mainly for their lack of transparency.

In the Shoe and Clothing World, Adidas-Saloman took top honours, mainly due to transparency, and Nike jumped into favour thanks to massive charitable contributions and disclosing all of their suppliers. Polo, on the other had was lombasted for its secrecy.

Fast Food

Starbucks ranked highest due to its extensive CSR reporting, right down to the CO2 emissions. However, most of their coffee is still not fair trade.

Dominos ranked worst, mainly due to how delivering pizzas ranks as one of the top 5 most dangerous jobs in the US (thanks to robbery and carjackings)

Food Production

Unilever wins out, again, for just letting official organizations know what they are up to.

Tyson Foods scores most poorly due to strained labour relations

Food and Drug

Sobey's - discloses its annual corporate charitable donations. This makes the powers that be happy.

Couche-Tard is the opposite.

So what have we learned about this? Basically it all boils down to disclosure and trasparency. The more you tell, the more the watchdog groups are quelled.


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