Friday, March 24, 2006

Sustainability Fear Campaigns

It appears as though even the sustainability movement is not above fear campaigns.


But does this ad work? Maybe. But it doesn't make the topic something you want to talk about, it doesn't open the door to discussion about the topic in an accessible way.

'Did you see that ad about the train?'

'Yes, we have to do something about this global warming, our children's lives are at stake!'

It just isn't a realistic seque into normal conversation.

I always like to imagine a family, or a group of people sitting in their living room watching TV. They are tired. The hockey game is on, or the news, or a cooking show. They are sitting and watching and no one is speaking. Then the ads come on. It takes a second or two before people realize, hey, these are just commercials, so it is safe for me to speak without feeling like I am disturbing the enjoyment of the program for the others.

Ideally, the initial comment will be about the ad itself. Usually an ad, being interruptive, sets itself up for derision. But if it is ironic, or derisive enough as well- the interrupter can become welcome.

Here is an example of an ad - although it is for vodka - that I think does a better job of opening the door to discussion about sustainability than Train.

Eristoff - Pretty honest for a vodka


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