Thursday, April 27, 2006

White Stripes Killer Coke

Here is an interesting website worth checking out Killer Coke

It is a protest site to bring awareness of the kidnapping, murder and torture of union leaders and organizers in Columbian Coke plants.

In other news! Jack White of the White Stripes has agreed to write a song for Coke.

Jack White's Coke ad

(courtesy of YouTube)

There's a lot of controversy surrounding this ad in the music world. Did Jack White sell out? What happened to the integrity of the White Stripes? In other words, has be begun to make music for paying clients as opposed to for his own amusement and sense of expression? Has his artistic integrity been compromised? Well, possibly, if the White Stripes weren't such a mainstream band to begin with (at least since they have been adopted by the Wal-Mart Rock section). But the reality is, they are pop, the mainstream like a lot of their music, and ideally, it is music that he would be producing on his own anyway. So it isn't like The White Stripes are changing, or sacrificing their own artistic vision and stance, because they never really had much of a stance to begin wtih. Whether or not this is the White Stripes selling out I really don't think matters. Yes, it is a commercial venture and yes, he made gobs of money in the process. But who cares? The music he makes for himself happens to resonate with a certain group of people, and they buy it. He already has the formula down and the familiarity and the brand. The man is an artist who has work that sells because people like the pretty songs. It's just how it goes.

Now, if Jack White had once been the front man for Rage Against the Machine, then I could see some hypocrisy.

But let me know what you think, this ad touches on a lot of issues across sustainability, ethics and advertising.

Here's another great one along the same lines: The Rolling Stones doing a song for Rice Krispies in the 60's.

Rolling Stones Rice Krispies ad"


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