Friday, June 09, 2006

Ethics and Marketing: How Much Do Consumers Really Care?

According to the latest research there is a huge gap between consumer attitudes and reality. While on paper, or during survey conditions, consumers may be very heartfelt about their purchase intention toward ethical products, this passion does not reflect in their behaviour. It has been found that when faced with lower prices, superior customer service, or convenience, customers are more likely to shop with what is cheap and easy, as opposed to following their own conviction under artificial conditions.

Take retail shoppers: When asked what is most important to them, 40% stated that they wanted great customer service and 25% stated that they want their need met, as opposed to the 4% that cared if it contributed to society’s well-being and the 0% that was primarily concerned if it is honest in its dealings.

Why all the discrepancies in research and behaviour? Maybe it is just a question of outdated survey methods and validity errors..


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