Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Global Warming Is Our Friend

Sustainability advertising has been turned on its head.

A series of TV ads will be released today in the United States to emphasize the benefits of greenhouse gasses, especially carbon dioxide.

The ads, sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, have been made to counter the bad press greenhouse gasses have been getting lately and are being produced just in time to poke holes in Al Gore’s new theatrical release, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Here is some copy from one of the ads:

"The fuels that produce CO2 (carbon dioxide) have freed us from a world of back-breaking labour, lighting up our lives, allowing us to create and move the things we need, the people we love. Now some politicians want to label carbon dioxide a pollutant. Imagine if they succeed -- what would our lives be like then?"

"[These ads] fly in the face of most of the science," Charlie Miller of Environmental Defence said of the institute ads.

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