Thursday, August 24, 2006

Air instead of Gas?

Finally something has been invented that has the ability to improve air quality, eliminate emissions and increase quality of life-all for little over a penny a mile. All this in a tiny little package. The air car is here, it is not longer some far-fetched dream. This little car runs on compressed air and emits nothing but water as a byproduct. What could be better than this? No more paying for gas, no more pollution, no more guilt. If I were backing this project I would want to get these on the market as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, The oil industry is huge and I’m not sure how happy they are about this invention. If people no longer need to buy gas to fuel their cars, they are out of business. Where does that put the oil industry? Out on the streets? I’m scared that this car will not pass all the tests that it needs to become certified for the road. With an innovation like this, surely the world will last another 100 or so years with its ozone layer intact.


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