Monday, April 25, 2005

What do you think? Green Party Plans to Tax Junk Food, Cigarettes and Gambling

Blog readers: You are on this blog because you have some interest in lifestyles of health an sustainability. Knowing this, how do you feel about the Green Party of BC's latest platform? Your feedback is appreciated.

Adriane Carr says the Greens want to reduce the provincial debt with new taxes, including increasing gas taxes by five cents per litre, hiking tobacco taxes by 10 per cent, and bringing in a 10 per cent gambling tax. The party would also attack polluters by making them pay more taxes, and put additional taxes on junk food.

The budget outline, she said, provided figures to support the party's "10-point plan for a better B.C." Unlike a detailed budget document released by a government on budget day, the figures dealt only with areas covered by their 10-point plan.
The Greens said their first budget would increase spending by $1.967 billion but have a $249 million surplus based on increased revenues of $2.216 billion.
The Greens, among other things, would increase spending on children and education by more than $500 million, and they would spend $369 million on increased preventative care by decreasing wait lists and providing more long-term care beds and home support.
Another $628 million increase in revenues would come from natural resources. The party would implement a 10 per cent increase on natural gas royalties and require forest companies to pay more in stumpage fees, raising another $400 million.

"This budget rewards a lighter footprint, like energy conservation."

Green promises:
1. The Green Party will remove junk food and corporate advertising from public schools.
2. The Green Party would re-establish BC Ferries as a Crown corporation.
3. The Green Party would establish the sale of marijuana to adults through outlets similar to liquor stores.
4. The Green Party would ban the sport and trophy hunting of grizzly bears.
5. The Green Party would change the B.C. Human Rights Code so clean drinking water, clean air and safe food are fundamental, guaranteed rights.
6. The Green Party would repeal the $6 training wage.


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