Monday, April 18, 2005

Positive News - Parking Lots offer incentives for fuel-effiecient vehicles

EasyPark lots in Vanouver are planning to initiate a pilot project in June that will provide cheaper parking for hybrid vehicles.

Motorists driving Toyota Prius, Mercedes SmartCar or the new Honda Civic will be offered free parking for a while, and then parking at significantly discounted rates.

Currently, the drivers of these cars are offered a 25% discount, as an incentive to cut down on greenhouse gasses.

Motorcyles and people who carpool are also offered discounts, but the public response has been weak due to a lack of awareness.

Only two or three people took advantage of that offer.

Marion Town, the Executive Director for Better Environmentally Sound Transportation stated, "The more we can get drivers to go out and purchase low-emission vehicles I think the better off the downtown will be."


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