Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What does it mean to be a LOHAS business - Part Two

LOHAS consumers hold a distinctive niche, but a growing, and significant niche.

Some businesses see LOHAS as a fad to be capitalized upon, and this can be dangerous practice. It is important when planning an advertising campaign to remember that while a LOHAS consumer base may be growing, there are plenty of 'Conscious Creatives' out there who have been waiting for years for businesses to catch up with them. It is not enough to state that you have LOHAS values in mind anymore, plenty of businesses are doing that nowadays and this makes it difficult for legitimate LOHAS businesses to break through the clutter of empty rhetoric. While Conscious Creatives are known to be meticulous, serious consumers who look beyond advertising to find the holistic approach of a business, they don't always have the time. What this means for a LOHAS business is that you need to express your values clearly enough for LOHAS consumers to identify with and in a way that instils trust in the consumer.


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