Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Ad Quiz - What Kind of Advertising Is Right For Your Business?

It isn't always as easy as putting out a flyer or a brochure.

The 30 sec TVC isn't always the answer either.

It begins by examining your business and deciding what kind of agency, medium, and strategy would be most useful to you.

Question One

How would you describe the message you would like to send out to the world?

a. I have a new product or a new offer that you have not heard about before.
b. When you need us, we are the first people you should call
c. This is something that you need, and I will tell you why
d. When you think about our product/service, we want to be the first name that comes to mind.
e. Our familiarity instills trust

Question Two

How would you describe how your customers are currently finding out information about you?

a. Word of mouth
b. Yellowpages
c. Television
d. Radio
e. Print
f. Other

Question Three

Is a large or small agency better for your advertising needs?

a. A small agency is less expensive due to low overhead from less staff, smaller offices, less administration, lower hourly fees. They have a flat structure, meaning that it is possible to get ahold of the senior people (creatives, CEOs, account directors) behind your account with one phone call. Likewise, senior people are often assigned to your account, without having it passed on to juniors. By being a large client at a small shop you can be guaranteed immediate, personal, priority treatment. Smaller shops are often started by the best senior staff from a large agency.

b. A large agency is able to offer you worldwide connections and accountability. Although they are much more expensive, they have recruited the best senior people they can find, some of whom may be working on your account. A large account will attempt to craft award-winning creative from your briefs, although this will bring them attention - it could compromise your account if their concept of creativity is not synonymous with business results.

Question Four

What does advertising mean to you?

a. A way of ensuring market share due to top-of-mind recognition amongst your competitiors.
b. It is a grudge purchase that you are afraid to go without. You buy it because you are afraid not to.
c. Advertising does not work. It is expensive and unnecessary.
d. A creative way of creating brand liking
e. It is akin to magic - it works, but I don't know why, when I place an ad people come, but I have no way of measuring the effectiveness of one ad to another.
f. A means of standing out and catching people's attention
g. A steady, constant reminder of your presence

Record your answers, I will post the rest of the Quiz later on, and then the answers.


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