Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Best Ads on TV

There is a website, www.bestadsontv.com that has some great stuff.

If you go into the archives, and into November 2003 there are a few of my favourites. The Tooheys Extra Dry and Playstation Mountain.

Some more of my personal picks are Nike Tag and Kessels Kramers work on Diesel, the TBWA\France Mama ad and Saatchi and Saatchi's Tacoma ad.

These ads are like miniature movies, and are usually better to watch than a
show, especially considering how time-starved everyone is these days, and how little attention span people have. It is the future of entertainment.

There is an article in the google news talking about how ad rates are going to be determined by the quality of the creative. Basically, if you zap through an ad on a TiVo more frequently then the station will charge you more to run it.

This will bring in an increased demand for higher quality creative and entertaining ads.

Ads like the Mountain and Tag will no longer be the exceptions, but the standard in which we will judge ads by. It sounds like fun to me.


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