Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Use earth-friendly paints for walls, bamboo instead of wood to re-do floors, and environmentally-friendly products to clean your home.
2. Add solar-powered garden lights or panels for household power. Switch to lower-energy compact fluorescent lighting in the home.
3. Consider a hybrid or at least conserve gas to save money and help us decrease our dependence on fossil fuels.
4. Use organic cotton sheets and towels, which are healthier to use and better for the environment.
5. Recycle old clothes. Donate them to charity or swap with friends. Buy fashionable clothing made from recyclable, recycled or reclaimed fabrics. Designers are now using innovative, earth-friendly fabrics like bamboo jersey and Eco-Spun, made from plastic soda bottles.
6. Let your dollars speak for you. Invest in eco-friendly companies. Buy local, buy organic and buy efficiently; you don’t need that two-for- one deal if you’ll throw it away.
7. If you’re sending flowers for Mother’s Day, graduation or another occasion, send organic buds that are better for the environment and your loved ones who won’t have to breathe in pesticides.


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