Monday, July 04, 2005

LOHAS: Healthy Hedonists

Here is a new way of describing the LOHAS target market that I found on in a German article. It seems to sum up the philosophy of the psychographic quite well.

"In advertising, there's a lot of talk of what's called LOHAS - Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability," he explained. "We predict that in future, more and more Germans will be living in a way that's environmentally responsible -- but enjoying themselves in the process. The healthy hedonists are idealistic and political correct, but they're also pleasure-seeking."

But while the healthy hedonists draw spiritual satisfaction from watching their carrots grow, the old-school allotment residents appreciate their leafy retreats for more prosaic reasons. "Tempers can fray when you're both retired," admits 65-year-old Herr Mittelstadt. "It's nice to know there's always somewhere to escape to."


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