Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Got Horror?

Today the latest Got Milk? ad was pulled from the World Series by television stations following a complaint by the major league players association.

The ad hit a little too close to home with a poke at last year’s steroid scandal, by suggesting that milk, too, is a performance-enhancing drug.

Interestingly enough, I have never seen this ad, and I’ll bet you haven’t either, my faithful reader. However, here we are talking about it, and this news is being spread around the globe as we speak.

It reminds me of the Nike Horror ads that were pulled during the Olympics in Athens. They had Suzy Favor Hamilton, an Olympic runner, escaping from a chainsaw-wielding ‘Jason’ in a remote cabin. Letters and complaints poured in from feminists, parents and anti-violence advocates.

However, the ad also successfully divided the feminist ideology of what defined empowerment, and led to a flurry of academic debate.

Decide for yourself Nike Horror

The result: it’s a pulled ad, that ran a handful of times, and we are still talking about it five years later.


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