Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just Say No

Crystal methamphetamine is considered an epidemic in Canada. It has sparked a lot of fear in other countries as well. It is cheap, addictive, and has been shown to lead to criminal behaviour.

Recently there has been an increased push to raise awareness about the negative consequences of the drug to the public.

A large part of this awareness involves advertising campaigns and public service announcements.

The Montana Meth Project has recently released an ad called Laundromat that plays up on scare tactics.

But how believable is it really? Does anyone ever really think that they will fall into the life of a scabby-faced petty criminal robbing women and children for rock money?

People don’t like to talk about scare tactics. They shut them out. Humour is a much more potent medium. It gets people talking, and it lifts taboos to the surface to be examined in a realistic light.

A great anti-drug ad out of London is Ask Frank

Sure, it’s stupid, but I bet you will mention it the next time anti-drug ads are brought up.


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