Thursday, November 17, 2005


You can have the greatest idea, but if it is not communicated effectively, no one will ever see it. People make snap judgements based upon 'heuristics' or scripted, cookie cutter ways of seeing and analyzing situations. Disruption is when you break away from these conventions, and is an effective advertising technique. There are pleny of great ideas, products, art etc. out there, but it has to catch the attention of the right, or enough, people to be significant. Everything comes down to perceptions.

Here is an ad that demonstrates this concept in a very cute way.

I would like to get more heated debate on this blog. The Sophisticated Briton and co. had some insightful stuff to say about the communications of the Kyoto protocol. I was thinking an interesting angle would be for someone to print bumper stickers that could be placed on emmission offenders (to borrow a concept from BC Hydro) such as SUVs and poorly insulated houses/hotels that say 'Kyoto who? I am part of the problem'


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