Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sustainability Advertising

Creative Wonders is a different kind of advertising agency. We have spent the last thirteen years focussing on LOHAS or lifestyles of health and sustainability, specializing on what is known as conscious creativity.

Our objective is to produce enlightening ideas that work, and do good work for good clients.

In regards to sustainability, it is our goal to be top of mind in terms of sustainable advertising, simply because we truly believe in the values inherent to sustainable products and services and we think more people should know about them too. In doing so, we are attempting to bring sustainabilty to the mainstream.

But what does sustainable advertising and green advertising really mean?

It can get a little fuzzy sometimes. One of the biggest complaints about advertising is the resources, namely paper, that are wasted.

We are trying to get away from this trend. Personally, I would like to see all advertising move in the direction of sponsorship, and this is slowly happening.

That said, we are not flag-carrying strident environmental activists, we are a value-based company that speaks to our clients from an ethical and spiritual core.

We are always interested your comments and suggestions, and we would be happy to meet any businesses or individuals also interested in moving sustainability forward.


At 4:18 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great topic. Here in the City of North Vancouver, the council has sustainability as a core policy objective, but how many residents know what they're talking about? Certainly, most, I bet, don't associate sustainability with the high-rises springing up in Lower Lonsdale. All they see there is density and more traffic. They've done a great job with the regional heating system, but what about local transit to move these people about? So it's partly about presentation, and the need to explain clearly to your constituency what you're doing. But it's also about embracing sustainability as a whole.


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