Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lawsuits As Publicity Stunts

Lawsuits are a great way to make headlines.

It made Anna-Nicole Smith into a star once again,

Apple sued ThinkSecret for publicity value.

Spike TV received enormous attention when Spike Lee sued them over their name.

Eminem sued Apple for unauthorized use of 'Lose Yourself' and there are heaps more.

High profile lawsuits make headlines, create buzz, and sometimes it is beneficial, publicity wise, for both parties involved.

PETA are masters of all things publicity, so it is not surprising that their latest spark in the media has raised eyebrows.

First there's the white house, and now the circus is accused of spying.

I had to read this headline twice to believe my eyes.

Ringling Brothers Accused of Spying on PETA

Another outrageous PETA stunt?
(There have been some great ones)

Boy Changes Name to Kentuckyfriedcruelty.com
Activists lie naked in flower covered coffins to remind people of the link between poultry and bird flu (I'm not so sure about the effectiveness of this one).
The Running of the Nudes in Pamplona
We'd Rather Bear Skin Than Wear Skin

A taste of their own medicine?
(PETA is often accused of spying on factories, laboratories and slaughterhouses themselves)

or is espionage becoming harder these days?

What do you think?


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