Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cars, Planes, Busses and Boats...

I choose to ride transit to work. I have a car and insurance and even a parking spot in the garage at work, but I would rather ride transit. There is something so intimate about being crammed on the Skytrain with people who you would normally not want to be in the same building with. I have three legs to my journey every morning; bus, Skytrain, Seabus. After the Seabus I take a leisurely walk through the park and up a little hill to my building. Sometimes I stop and watch the seaplanes take off or land. And then I feel like I am ready for the day. I had not had to drive in Vancouver traffic for an hour or merge with the merging impaired, nor have I contributed to the pollution while driving my car all by myself. To me this is worth the noise, the smell, the walking. This is one of the things that make us all so lucky to live in Vancouver. Check out the Translink website, maybe you can enhance your morning commute.


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