Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Outsourcing a LOHAS agency

It is not uncommon for a company to outsource a side project to a specialty firm to tap into a particular target market. DDB has a kids division, and hot shops such as Crispin Porter and Rethink and the like specialize in introducing previously unheard of products and services to a younger audience.

The punk rock chickens crossing the road to get to a Burger King are about as far away from LOHAS as can be - and although it is hilarious, it doesn't really represent the kind of work we do here at Creative Wonders. So I figured I would leave it up as a contrast, to this ad Creative Wonders link.

Although a Nike ad, this is strongly aligned with a LOHAS theme - that being hinged on spirituality, a belief in reincarnation, and the continuation of the spirit throughout eternity (at least until you get it right). They do a great job of this in this ad - and it does appeal very much to a LOHAS market. Strangely enough, Nike went outside of its normal agency of record, Weiden and Kennedy, to make this ad, which suggests that it is becoming more and more common to seek specialty shops (such as Creative Wonders) to appeal to this target market.


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