Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Intense Guerrilla promotions

At a Prada show in Milan earlier this year an unexpected mob of protestors disturbed the scene, only to be escorted away by security. Before they left, they managed to spread the word that the Serpica Naro show would be next. The next night, Milan’s finest, fearing another protest, formed a blockade in front of the show, only to be dispersed by Naro’s press agent. The press came en-masse to see the show, only to realize that there is no real Serpico Naro. The hoax was pulled off by the Chainworkers to promote the precarity movement.

While Adbusters may see such a story as a triumph for their precarity movement (something I spent several years of my life living unbeknownst of a label). I see this as a triumph of original effect. They are making things happen, but with a price-tag that advertisers can only dream of. But the effect is the same: The mass movement of people, ideas and concepts in a creative and compelling way. Effect. It is what communications is all about. The question remains, however, what is to be done with such effect?


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