Monday, September 19, 2005

McDonalds Uber Alles

Many of you may have read Fast Food Nation or have seen Supersize Me, but efforts against McDonalds’ poison have been going on for years, just a little under the radar perhaps. Most notably of theses attacks is McSpotlight, a website devoted to the unearthing of McDonalds sins.

McSpotlight grew out of the outcome of the McLibel case, the longest running court case in English history, where David Morris and Helen Steel were sued by McDonalds about their stance against its treatment of workers, quality of food and deceptive advertising. Although the verdict ultimately ruled against them, the process of the case itself brought to light, and finalized as fact, that McDonalds, for one, has no nutritional value in its food. Once that had been established in a court of law, attacking McDonalds was fair game.


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