Thursday, October 27, 2005

Selling smack to kids

It is amazing how many jingles and ads we can remember from when we were kids. My mom continues to say ‘Thank you, thank you, Leslie thanks you” In fact, she has been saying it her whole life. It was only recently that she found out that Leslie was the man on the salt when she was a child. In the commercials Leslie would always thank you for passing the salt. For the kids who grew up in the 80s we had the slinky song, fruity marshmallow crispies, silly rabbit trix are for kids, kellogs sugar smacks and tons more. It is burned into our brains. In Quebec they actually have laws against advertising to children (as well as laws against those annoying fall-out ads in magazines) which is probably a good thing. However, there is an argument that the quality of children’s entertainment will suffer if there as a lack of funding available without advertising revenue and the commercial spin off of toys, lunch boxes, cereals etc. Here are some ads here that will probably jog your memory of life in the 80s. (You will need a PC to view them). Creative Wonders link


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