Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Elevator muzak will destroy us all

Mediocrity is a scary thing.

It can really sneak up on you. First you start tuning out to the easy listening on the radio, the muzak in the mall, the ads on tv and the next thing you know you have been so busy working mindlessly away at living, consuming, and not causing too much trouble that reality is passing you by.

When you take a look at our media landscape, you sure see a lot of it. Elevator music, corporate art, and a majority of the terrible ads out there try to appeal to everyone at once, while trying not to offend anyone, and the result is this watered down, politically correct kak that no one likes.

Why? Because individual flavour takes work and sacrifice and groupthink is a safe road.

If you stick enough people in a room, they eventually will conform to the dominant view – even if it is glaringly wrong. In the 1951 Soloman Asch conformity experiments, it was found that a majority of people will agree that Exhibit A is as long as B or C, if a large group of people state that is their opinion first.

The sun always shines in advertising land, everyone is always smiling, and overall, the effect is entirely unbelievable. What needs to be celebrated are the messages that work. The ones that bring a bit of reality, thoughtfulness, or edge along with them.

I’ll post a few of my favourites in the next couple of days.


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