Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ads good enough to steal

Most of us spend our entire lives blocking out the noise that is advertising. While it can be argued that ads are a part of our culture (after all, what would Times Square be without its ads?), most often, we can go without them.

However there are exceptions.

Every so often ads come around that add colour, aesthetics, culture and life to a city.

Just this week the Alberta Ballet has been having the problem of seeing it’s indoor transit ads stolen in Edmonton. The ads are artistic, classy, black and white photographs of a naked ballet featuring a woman and two men with the tagline ‘the more you think you dislike the ballet, the closer you should sit.’ But they look good. They look more like art than advertising, and people want them for their own.

It is a testament to a truly good ad if it is not only noticed, but welcomed into your home.


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