Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ethical Advertising - The Invasion of Public Space

There is a big debate right now going on about corporate advertising in schools. In the states they have Channel One, or the twelve minutes of news sponsored by two to three minutes of ads fed to a captive audience of 10-18 year olds that has raised some ire, in Canada there is an estimated $185 million pumped into our school system through corporate sponsorship.

On the plus side, these schools are getting gym equipment, rennovations, and supplies that they could not have otherwise had, with no strain on the taxpayer.

On the downside it is further evidence of what advertisers call 'marketing creep' where advertisers find more and more creative and invasive ways of getting into our daily lives and turnng every available space into a billboard.

Here is the latest example from Europe: Breadvertising.

(courtesy of springwise.com)


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