Friday, May 12, 2006

We Once Wore Armour

The big debate these days is how to market to the increasingly difficult to define male market. Marketers have thrown men into two bland polar opposite distinctions. There is the Metro, who is the moisturizing, salon-dwelling, cuticle clipping kind of guy and the Retro who sits around, drinks beer, drives a Charger and scratches a lot. Despite what people think, men are actually more complex than that. Dads in particular, have been stereotyped into being either the dumb clueless fool or the deadbeat. It seems as though the white, middle aged, domesticated father is the only one left that is safe to mock in our overly politically correct media environment.

Beer companies are having a hard time breaking out of the ‘let’s go off to the cabin and surround ourselves with buxom babes’ mould, and it has been done to death. Sure guys like cabins, and guys like buxom babes. But what is it about the emasculation by media that is not being addressed here.

Good ol’ KesselsKramer have a great ad to hit this nail on the head.

Call of the Wild

Pay attention, they make reference to every big name beer ad out there in the process, from Guiness’ Evolution to Carlton Draught’s Big Ad, as well as my favourite playstation ad -Golfers.


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