Thursday, December 15, 2005

Advertising as Entertainment

There are ads out there that are better than the shows they interrupt.

There are spots that are more captivating than movies.

Interesting ads make it into our dinner conversations and daily phrases and expressions.

People like to talk about good ads. Because they are fun.

Now I realize that this perception could be a little biased as I am in advertising.
But I am in advertising because I love good ads.

To me, they are a part of our culture.

They are little bite-sized, ephemeral moments of humour, insight, and excitement. (I'm talking about good ads here)

They are my favourite form of entertainment.

That is why I always post fun ads up on the blog.

Because we love great ads, and we want to make great ads.

Here are some really wild ones, but they are great. Check out the ad The Human Suit


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