Friday, December 16, 2005

Resonating with the Target Market

Great advertising ties the creative to the message and product seamlessly. This requires a great deal of creative gymnastics and is praised by those who do the gymnastics themselves and appreciate its difficulty.

Then there is advertising that just hits home with the audience, even if the creative has nothing to do with the product itself. These kinds of ads are great for talk power.

Here is a really good ad to show you what I mean.

Cascade Graduation

When you think of the connection between the creative and the message, it is a bit of a stretch – skip a step, skip the sink, or whatever it is they are trying to say. I’ve seen the ad over 3 times, but I still don’t remember the message. I remember it as ‘that Cascade ad’. But do you know what? It still works. It is the kind of ad that resonates with the target market, and makes for an easy segue into normal conversation. That reminds me, “Have you seen that Cascade ad where the kid…”.

With all of the clutter out there, drawing attention to the ad itself is just as, if not more, important than drawing attention to the product.


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