Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Holey Soles Take The High Road

Surely you’ve seen them by now. Holey Soles are those brightly coloured, comfortable and distinct foam shoes that have started to appear on the feet of doctors, nurses, gardeners and boating enthusiasts. They are hard to miss, and if nothing else, they are defiantly unique.

Holey Soles may seem similar to their competitors at first glance, but once you get to know them, you will quickly see the difference. Holey Soles is a one-of-a-kind footwear company. Where other companies lose interest once the shoe is off the assembly line, Holey Soles steps in with a social conscience and a mission to treat all of their customers equally and with respect.

True to the Canadian persona, Holey Soles is a kind and gentle company - with a big heart. During the Tsunami in Thailand they gave much needed cash to aid relief efforts and recently donated $260,000 which put shoes on 13,000 victims ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf States. Holey Soles also donates to North American children’s charities.

When all is said and done, one of the differences between Holey Soles and the other look alike shoes will come out in the wash, or washer in this case. Holey Soles has improved its shoes by adding a washer between the strap and shoe of both the Explorer and Provider models to create a smoother mechanism between the strap and shoe. This, along with the new boomerang strap design results in an innovative, versatile shoe that can be adjusted for different uses depending on how you position the strap. This feature truly differentiates Holey Soles from the others, and ensures that its shoes do not infringe on patents anywhere in the world.

As well, there are other, better additions upon the already sleek and attractive design.

The foam compound is now more resilient to help provide greater support. This also extends the life of the shoe. As well, by listening to its customers, Holey Soles has tailored a design better suited for the people who wear them every day. Holey Soles responded to customer feedback and designed its new models to be slightly narrower, ensuring a better fit.

Be sure to keep an eye on this holey little company based out of Canada as it steers clear of the jaws of competitors to go on and do great things for its customers and those in need.


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