Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Measurable Advertising Results

One of the biggest concerns surrounding an advertising campaign is the concept of measurability.

How do I know that my campaign was effective?

Measurable results are hard to get. Sure enough, you can measure brand likability, brand and ad recall, brand and ad recognition. You can run focus groups. You can do telephone surveys, online surveys. You can count hits to your website. You can incorporate a measurable aspect right into the ad, as in 'bring in this ad to save 10%'.

But in reality, it is not often that an advertiser gets any solid feedback on a campaign.

That is why yesterday was such a nice surprise.

Our 'pickin' is easy' campaign for Cottonwood Mall has been extremely successful.

Sales are up, traffic is up, gift card sales have been greater this month than all year and more than 400 kids came out to get their 'pics with Nick'.

People getting coffee have mentioned the billboard.

It's nice to know that advertising actually works, and that the money people put into a campaign to make it visually and conceptually stand out from the clutter will indeed provide a satisfying return on their investment.


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