Monday, December 19, 2005

Sustainability Advertising Part Four – The Movement

As the sustainability movement picks up steam, it appears that there are more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon, including advertising agencies.

And why not?

The more people interested in pushing social change through consumption (probably the most malleable aspect of human behaviour) the better.

Across the border, there is a like-minded agency known as The Bellwether Group down in Seattle. And Vancouver, Canada’s hotbed for sustainability, appears to have a plethora.
Recently, Marc Stoiber has started up Change Advertising to bring sustainability to the mainstream and Don Millar at The Element Agency is doing work with David Suzuki and the Democrat party to ensure a sustainable future both here and in the United States. At Creative Wonders we specialize in conscious creativity, the integration of communications materials from sustainable companies and taking clients from where they are to where they want to be.

In a nutshell, enlightening ideas that work.

Here’s a couple of fun ads from McCoy's McCoy's Crisps - TV remote and McCoy's Crisps - Laundy

If you are wondering why I am putting up ads for products on the opposite end of the sustainability spectrum – no crisps are Not good for you, the earth or anything for that matter except obesity and munchies – it is because the creative work behind these ads is so good.

Ads like these have legs, they have talk power, and they make for an easy introduction into casual conversation. This can be done for sustainable products just as easily as for the wretched crisp by using humour, fun and energy.

This is the direction I would like to see sustainability advertising move in.


At 3:16 p.m., Blogger molesworth said...

Now I can tell those are British ads because (a) they call them crisps and (b) they speak in English accents. In fact, all the ads on that site seem to be British. If you are interested in learning more about British cuisine, please visit this link:
Pickled onion, Marmite, yum yum.


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