Monday, December 19, 2005

Sustainability News Scraps

Here’s what’s in the news this week surrounding sustainability issues.

But first, a favourite, for dolphin-girl, and all of my dolphin-like readers. Archer's Via - plantation workers

Catch some rays. Honda has started an initiative to mass produce solar cells.

Flutter by, Sanchez. In Mexico, armed guards protect an endangered butterfly population from poachers.

More than another snazzy acronym. Lifestyles of health and sustainability (or LOHAS) has officially replaced well-being as Japan's consumption pattern of choice.

Spinning you out? Whirlpool has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index along with Whole Foods and McDonalds?


At 3:28 p.m., Blogger molesworth said...

We have a high-efficiency Miele washing machine, you'll be pleased to know. We also have an electric kettle, and the world's most expensive toaster, which we travelled all the way to Seattle to buy. Sorry, this doesn't have much to do with advertising, but it does speak for my wife's interest in domestic appliances. Actually it does have some marginal relevance, as front-loaders use a fraction of the energy consumed by a top-loading machine. People queue up to criticise SUVs, but when did you last hear anyone slam top-loading washing machines? Does anyone ever change their washing machine to save energy and water? Interestingly, one of the big marketing obstacles for front-loaders was that their cycles take 90 minutes instead of the 20-30 minutes typical of a top-loading Hummer. Why must everything be such a rush?


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