Monday, January 02, 2006

LOHAS advertising news scraps

Happy 2006!

Here are some sustainability news scraps for the week.

For the first time in history, Pepsi has overthrown its arch-rival Coca Cola.This is big news for those interested in lifestyles of health and sustainability. It was Pepsiā€™s choice to introduce healthier lines to fit a society more concerned about diet and obesity that has put it to the top.

Another ethical advertising dilemma. To the chagrin of some of its volunteer writers, Wikipedia is poised to make the leap into advertising.

Product placement after the fact. The latest craze is to insert virtual product placement into a film or television show, after it has already been cut and edited for the screen.

Alcohol advertising works! But it seems to also be a bad influence on the youngin's. See mixing with the wrong crowd.

Cities to vapour-ize of the word. To thank the milllions of excited fans who have already downloaded their newest release before it hits the stores, the Strokes are going to put on a show for climate change.


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