Friday, March 17, 2006

Does advertising work?

A recent study has shown that Americans are more likely to remember advertising slogans and the names of the Simpsons than the amendments

I remember when I was in Sweden, the first things I learned how to say in Swedish were all advertising slogans.

Ta Sil om du vill en gang till!

Happy St. Pats by the way

Thursday, March 16, 2006

1 Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday to the Creative Wonders Blog! Sustainability Advertising (once Enlightening Ideas) is now one year old (actually this is a bit of a belated birthday wish). Time flies. In this past year I have had over 7000 hits to this site (the counter came late), but very few comments. So, gentle readers - what do you think! Post comments, start discussions, stir some action - get involved.

Here is a fun ad. Eskimos

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Classic Advertising Model

Following the classic model of advertising, today I will provide you with entertainment, information and then a call to action.

Here is a fun ad:

(Hat's off to Cossette - this campaign is great) - Can't Get Your Kids to Leave Home? Stop Cooking with Cheese!

Here is some informative information:

Did you know that 70 per cent of vehicles have at least one tire that is over or under-inflated? Maintaining the correct tire pressure could reduce your GHGs by at least 1/8 tonne each year and save $50 in fuel costs?

And here is the request for donations:

Maria and I (it makes more sense if the two of us campaign together) are now at $3100 out of our $11000 goal to raise money for leukaemia and lymphoma by running a marathon/half marathon.

We would be very interested in

1. Corporate sponsorship
2. Donations for raffles
3. Or donations made online at Mike Catherall's Team in Training Page or Maria Hruschak's Team In Training Page

Thank you

Monday, March 13, 2006

Quitting Smoking

I've always had a sneaking suspicion that anti-smoking ads are the work of tobacco companies.

There is one I've seen in a few bar and restaurant bathrooms around Vancouver.

It has two photographs - one pictures two buddies sitting around in a park on Canada Day 2005, smoking, and the second shows them pudgy faced on mountain bikes for Canada Day 2006.

This ad makes me want to smoke, and I am a non-smoker.

I can't imagine what it would do to someone who is trying to quit. It's kind of scary actually.

When cigarette companies were banned from television advertising in the States in 1971 the stations immediately lost $220 million a year in advertising revenue. They did, eventually, recoup this loss through advertising quitting smoking products.

Now, anti-smoking ads pay more than that to stations.

Here are some amusing ads by Crispin, Porter, Bogusky out of Miami called Fair Enough. The angle they take is to play upon teen's insecurity of feeling 'duped' by an evil organization. The ads portray how Big Tobacco tricks youth into buying cigarettes, and asks 'do you want to be a tool for the tobacco companies?'

Here is an old ad featuring none other than Ronald Reagan.