Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sustainability As National Pride

People don’t’ like to feel bad about themselves.

No one likes to be scolded, or reprimanded, or singled out with long green fingers pointing at them.

The exclusivity of the sustainability movement leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, especially the regular Joe consumer, who just wants to get things done without feeling guilty every time he buys diapers or fills up his gas tank to go to work.

Deep down, however, Joe sympathizes and acknowledges that making the earth a more sustainable place is just plain common sense, and he is happy to support it, just not with his limited time or budget.

Coming out of the gates with smouldering righteousness worked for the sustainability movement at the time. It was heard, and like avian bird flu, we became aware of the issues. But like the flu, we don’t want to think about it every second of our day.

So maybe it is time for sustainability to take a different tack.

The Australians have managed to replace righteousness and environmental heart-sting kak with national pride.

Here is a great spot for Clean Up Australia Day that does just that.

That Mucky Country

Leukemia and Lymphoma Fundraising Update:

I am at $1010 out of my $5500 goal for leukemia research that I plan to raise by running a marathon is June.
If you would like to contribute please donate online or contact Mike Catherall at 604-987-8401 if you are interested in corporate sponsorship.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Differentiating yourself from the competition

If your name is all that you have that is unique about your brand, then why not hype it? These ads are from the Super Bowl, but they really seem to work Emerald Nuts (click the bottom left). I love the manicurist ad myself.

The irreverent humour used in these ads is great. It attracts attention, and thanks to the creative, it is almost impossible to forget the name of the brand.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can One Effective Ad Do the Work of Ten?

Of course it can. People will talk about it. People will seek it out. People will enjoy seeing it. It will raise the value of the brand, and the status of advertising as an enterainment medium in general. Those who read this column know my stance on films, and television, and most entertainment as that of giant ads masquerading. Less ads mean less waste, less pollution and less hijacking of our mental environment. Or else it means that the kidnapping has become seamless and more effective?

Here's an example: Kidnap

Monday, February 20, 2006

Fundraising at the Gecko Club

Thank you to everyone who made it out. It was a great night: Dana won the female armwrestling competition (no guys entered), there was taco eating, and dancing and poker tournaments and all sorts of madness. In total Maria and I raised $1400 toward our combined goal of $11,000 for leukemia and lymphoma.

If you would like to make an individual donation, you can do so on my website at

racing for a cure

I am still looking for corporate sponsors. If you would like us to wear your company shirts on race day and during training please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mike Catherall