Friday, November 18, 2005

Alternative Sources of Energy

A lot of sustainability issues just make good common sense. There is wind blowing around, and it's free, so why not harness it as a source of energy? The same with waves. The Swedes are buying up our wood crumbs left over from the pine beetle epidemic, balling them up and using them as bio-fuel. Now that's thinking. To be stuck with this idea that we are bound by oil can be a slippery slope considering all the alternative sources of fuel out there, such as geo-thermal and crumb rubber. The trick is to warm people up to the idea. Here is an ad that illustrates wind power in the future in a rather light and airy way (I'm on a roll today)PG&E ad (bottom left).

Thursday, November 17, 2005


You can have the greatest idea, but if it is not communicated effectively, no one will ever see it. People make snap judgements based upon 'heuristics' or scripted, cookie cutter ways of seeing and analyzing situations. Disruption is when you break away from these conventions, and is an effective advertising technique. There are pleny of great ideas, products, art etc. out there, but it has to catch the attention of the right, or enough, people to be significant. Everything comes down to perceptions.

Here is an ad that demonstrates this concept in a very cute way.

I would like to get more heated debate on this blog. The Sophisticated Briton and co. had some insightful stuff to say about the communications of the Kyoto protocol. I was thinking an interesting angle would be for someone to print bumper stickers that could be placed on emmission offenders (to borrow a concept from BC Hydro) such as SUVs and poorly insulated houses/hotels that say 'Kyoto who? I am part of the problem'

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Torturing Animals For Fun and Profit

It appears that a sure fire way to garner some talk power is by having animals die, or be tortured in your ad. I remember while I was interning at TBWA\Vancouver complaints were lodged about that Super7 ad where they have the Fear Factor for the Super Rich where contestants were being smothered with puppies. Click Ad One. Faith No More drew fire in their Midlife Crisis video when they had a fish out of water, Altoids for an exploding guinea pig, and now this:

Hamster Lovers In An Uproar Over Levis Ad

Either way, it gets in the papers, and it gets people talking. While I am sure hamster, fish, guinea pig and stuffed animal activists are a small minority, they are certainly vocal.

In other news:

We’ve been getting some debate, at last, a few posts down. Here’s your chance to unravel your British sentiments!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can't you hear what I'm saying Grandpa?

Finally, the ads that we filmed for Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are on the air. Today the ad for the Free Hearing Screening will run the maximum (9 rotations - or 180 times!) because the screening is, well, today. A bit last minute, unfortunately, but there is another screening on November 29th, so we will do a heavier push for the later date. There will also be the Public Service Announcement about the Richmond Hotel Fire and the 'Truck Driver' services for the deaf ad. Keep an eye out on Shaw Listings (channel 3?) for the ads.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Greenpeace is certainly good at making a scene. It make headlines almost every month by giving away golden chainsaws, ramming boats, and, er, damaging coral. There is a lot to be learned here from an advertising perspective. How do you get yourself immediate talk power, top of mind awareness for an issue and massive public relations? Dump five tonnes of coal outside of Tony Blair’s residence. All of a sudden everyone wants to know “WHY?” And Bam! We are off talking about Kyoto, pollution and global warming within no time. If you want to advertise something, it helps if you actually want to get noticed.